Step Deck and Flatbed Dispatch Service

Our company offers flatbed dispatch service and step decks dispatch service for owner operators and fleet owners. Here you can get some some more information about features of receiving loads for the trucks with flatbed and step deck trailers. 

As an owner of a Flatbed or Step Deck, you are sure to want your investment to recoup ASAP. 
All you actually need to achieve this goal is to keep your vehicle running and carrying the best-paying Flatbed and Step Deck loads available in the USA, with downtime and deadhead trips reduced to the minimum. 

Take all the advantages of our step deck or flatbed dispatch services.

Step Deck/Flatbed Truck Dispatch From Bald Eagle Dispatch

That’s exactly what Bald Eagle dispatch can do for you by spotting the most advantageous deals and booking the loads on your behalf while you will be operating your vehicle in a hassle-free way. 

Besides creating an uninterrupted stream of revenue running into your pocket, our dispatching services will support your flatbed and step deck trucking services around the clock, starting from handling all the paperwork and ending with conflict resolution. 

Ongoing Dispatch from Professionals in Flatbed and Step Deck Trucking

Having over 5 years of total experience in brokerage, we know for sure that flatbed freight loads can bring higher earnings per mile than any other type of equipment, especially with the use of high-quality step deck or flatbed truck dispatching

A flatbed doesn’t have any sides and roof what allows it to accommodate many kinds of oversized cargo and freight of irregular shape, ranging from pipes and beams to heavy machinery and shipping containers.  Note that commercial flatbed trucks dispatch services can save your time and bring much more profit.

Benefits of Step Deck Dispatching

Aluminum flatbed trailers even expand the capacity since their lighter weight allows carrying more loads without obtaining overweight permits. However, Bald Eagle Dispatch works with 48 and 53 ft. Flatbed trucks of any design and keeps tracks of permits required in each scenario. 

Our step deck dispatcher also monitors step deck freight rates and does best to keep the drivers busy with hauling tall loads, which is a perfect fit for this type of equipment.

01 Personal Step Deck and Flatbed attached to each Driver

02 Professional Support tailored to your business type

03 Quality Customer Care and Transparency

Bald Eagle Dispatch removes all these headaches from your life and delivers

Our Step Deck and Flatbed is not about grabbing trailer loads – it’s about helping people to reach their goals.

You will get a friendly step deck/flatbed dispatcher who will comb through all available load boards for flatbed freight to find the best deals and book loads as far ahead as possible. The same person will conduct negotiations with brokers/shippers and handle all the paperwork that comes with your flatbed truck loads. Your dispatcher will stay in touch with you 24/7 and will help you with any issues that might arise during your trip.

Our team ensures more than just finding flatbed loads for owner operators or managing related documents. We always start with getting to know our clients’ goals to provide them with a clear path to their business development. The vast expertise in freight brokerage, ongoing training for our flatbed and step deck dispatchers, and result-oriented approach give us a strong opportunity to boost our client’s growth.

Our dedicated flatbed and step deck dispatchers are praised for building excellent communication, providing friendly customer assistance, and delivering mental agility to tackle issues even before they arise. Be it negotiations for deals found on a load board or resolving disputes with shippers, we do the job honestly since our dispatch company grows as you grow

FAQs about Step Deck & Flatbed Dispatching

Before you start working with Bald Eagle Dispatch, you may be interested in Step Deck and Flatbed dispatch services we provide, and what duties we have. You can look through FAQ section and find answers to the questions which are frequently asked.

To get our step deck and flatbed dispatch services you need to connect with us. 
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In most cases they are interchangeable. Step deck trailer allows us to haul the taller freight legally because of its lower deck. At the same time we can put longer constructions on the flatbed trailer because all the surface of it is flat.

You can choose two payment options – standard or fixed. The fixed rate for flatbed dispatch services starts from $145, the standard charge is from 3% for transportation.

You can choose two payment options – standard or fixed. The fixed rate for step deck dispatch services start from $145, the standard charge is from 3% for transportation.

Bald Eagle simply provides higher quality service than its competitors in the dispatch sector. That, however, does not make our dispatch service any more expensive.

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