Reefer and Dry Van Dispatch Service

If you are looking for ways to earn more money ruuning your dry van and reefer business, Bald Eagle Dispatch has the solution. Thanks to the 5 years of combined expereience in freight brokerage, we know all those roablocks on the flow of loads and shipping orders that keep your profits below your expectations. From a confusing amount of paperwork to lack of communication and hands-on support in emergency situations, our reefer and dry van dispatching service will fix every problem, boost your earnings, and ensure the steady growth of your business. 

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Get the best Reefer and Dry van loads with our expert dispatchers

Because of this, brokers know to offer their best available rates to dry vans and reefers, ensuring you can get the best rates in every lane. Having a dedicated team of dry vans and reefers dispatchers, we will fix every problem, boost your earning, and ensure the steady growth of your business

To get the reasonable rate for a dry van/reefer load, owner-operators often need to stay glued to loadboards and their inbox, trying to reason with brokers and figure out the paperwork. Our dispatch service completely eliminates this stressful and unpleasant experience, allowing to you to focus on what matters – managing your trucking business. 

Our trucking dispatch service entirely eliminates the need to talk to brokers. The dispatcher will be calling the brokers and negotiating with them to represent your interests, looking to get the best deal available – which, among other things, can save your business more money than you spend on our dry van dispatch service & reefer dispatch service.

Best Dry Van & Reefer Dispatch Service for Special Loads

Some loads – usually the most well- paying of themm – have special requirements for their management and delivery. For example, food items in reefers need to be a certain temperature at all times, and certain dry van loads have restrictions on how the truck itself may be driver with the load inside. These conditions can be difficult to manage and remember – but with our dry van dispatch service, you don’t have to.

01 No More Load Searching

02 No More Paperwork

03 Personalized Approach to Every Customer

04 24/7 Customer Support

Our company takes dry van and reefer owner-operators under its wing and delivers the industry-leading level of dispatch services

An irreplaceable part of running a reefer or dry van business is searching for loads, and frankly, it’s a miserable experience. The loads always pay too little or take you in the wrong director or distance – and when a rare good load pops up, “sorry, it was already covered.” That is infuriating even the first time it happens, but can occur many times before your eventually find the load.

With our reefer or dry van dispatch service the dispatcher is the one searching for loads instead of you. They have access to 10+ biggest load boards and get exclusive deals from our partner brokers all around the USA, meaning you don’t have to worry about the next – and the next – load and destination. instead, you can focus on what matters : managing your business. 

Keep in mind that you can refuse a load your dispatcher suggests if you have a reason not to haul it, but your cooperation with the dispatcher will improve if you explain your line of thinking. 


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While running a dry can or reefer business – and even before that – you are issue a lot of documents every step of the way. It’s hard to manage all of it, and gets even harder as you rack up miles and months, but at the same time, making a mistake can lead to a major issue capable of erasing your profits. 
With our dry van or reefer dispatch service, that is no longer the case. Your dispatcher manages your paperwork, receiving and sending it as needed. If something looks like it could become problematic later on, your dispatcher will work with you to correct the mistake before it can cause issues. 

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Every owner-operator of a reefer or dry  an business has different starting conditions, priorities, directions to take their business in, and often different equipment as well. We understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to such a volatile business in such difficult times, and will work with you to follow a business plan to emphasize your strengths and compensate for the weaknesses. Your dispatcher may have an unbiased or more complete view of the issues you are facing, and thus may help you solve them. 

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Emergencies can happen to anyone. In addition to driving a sharp wedge in your plans, they also attract all kinds of people who would like to exploit your desperate your situation or lack of knowledge. At that moment it’s good to have someone to call for support in general – we all need it on our bad days. but who would be that?

Exactly! Our dispatch service is available on call 24/7, and is knowledgeable enough to guide you out of any dire straits you may find yourself in. No more getting scammed by unethical brokers and insurance companies. 

FAQs about Reefer and Dry Van Dispatching

Before you start working with Bald Eagle Dispatch, you may be interested in Reefer and Dry Van dispatch services we provide, and what duties we have. You can look through FAQ section and find answers to the questions which are frequently asked.

Yes indeed! You are losing potential profits by hauling a non-reefer-specific load (one that can be hauled by non-refrigerated trucks too), and there may be loading issues because of the inner structure of a reefer trailer, but taking dry van loads is possible when there are no better options.

Simply call us or sign up for a dispatch service for your reefer or dry van

Bald Eagle Dispatch provides dry van dispatch service for your 5% of your loads’ value; for example if you get paid $1400 for hauling a load, Bald Eagle Dispatch will bill you for $70

Bald Eagle Dispatch provides 24/7 dispatching service with pricing starting from 3% to 300$ per week.

Bald Eagle simply provides higher quality service than its competitors in the dispatch sector. That, however, does not make our dispatch service any more expensive.

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