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We provide high-quality freight dispatch service for interstate

carriers and fleet owners in the USA

What Does Truck Dispatching include

Forget about everything that makes you feel uncomfortable in truck dispatching and dealing with annoying trucking environment

Our dedicated trucking dispatch team provides unique support and is always ready to walk the extra mile for your company to thrive.

Five years of brokerage experience makes Bald Eagle Dispatch one of the market leaders. Due to our background, you completely avoid all the possible risks with our dispatch services. 

Our innovative ideas and dedication have continuously boosted our client’s growth. By becoming a partner with our team, we can show you how we minimize headaches and maximize profits. We provide dispatching services for owner operators and fleet owners. 

Planning is the key to success in the trucking business. Our clients choose Bald Eagle Dispatch services to feel confident about the future. Bald Eagle Dispatch service gets everything planned so that your company will run like a well-oiled machine.

Our dispatching services for trucks allow drivers to stay focused on driving only. We manage all the necessary paperwork for each load provided so that you mind spare time.

Our dispatch service is always available, and just a phone call away solves any problem you may face.

Getting Started Is Easy

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MC Authority, Certificate of insurance W-9 Form

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Why Choose Bald Eagle Dispatch?

Truckers trust us because we are professionals with years of experience in the brokerage and deep knowledge of ins and outs. We know the specifics of the equipment along with federal and local regulations. Our dispatcher company constantly monitors freight rates, load boards, brokers and shippers to spot the best deals for our clientage. 

Unlike many other truck dispatch companies, Bald Eagle Dispatch focuses on a comprehensive approach and provides end-to-end services to relieve drivers from the stress of hunting for loads, making calls, doing paperwork, or struggling for payment. Our truck dispatch service esnures ongoing training for dispatchers and encourages them to anticipate problems before they arise. We foster agility, effective teamwork, and a responsible attitude to drivers under our care. 

Our aim is to keep your trucks busy and smooth the way for your growth!


Owner Operators


Prices For Truck Dispatch Services

Fix Rate

  • 1-4 Trucks – $300/Truck/Week
  • 5-10 Trucks – $250/Truck/Week
  • 10+ Trucks – $200/Truck/Week


  • Dry Van; Reefer; Flatbed/StepDeck – 5%
  • Box Truck/Hotshot – 8% of gross revenue
  • Power Only – 5% of gross revenue

What our partners say about Bald Eagle Dispatch

FAQs about truck dispatching

Before you start working with Bald Eagle Dispatch, you may be interested in some questions about truck dispatch, we have collected the most popular ones here : 

Our dispatching services include finding loads for fleet owners and owner operators, 24/7 support and handling all paperwork. We work for your loads and allow you to stay focused on driving. Just get in touch with us.

The truck dispatchers from Bald Eagle Dispatch have access to multiple loads boards that allows them to increase the variety of the available freight. They are working directly with the brokers who are sending their daily loads directly.

We have a simple pricing system. 
Pay weekly
Pay per order

Bald Eagle Dispatch provides 24/7 dispatching service with pricing starting from 3% to 300$ per week.

No, you shouldn’t. We provide all our truck dispatching services remotely, we will solve all your questions by phone and email, you don’t need anything else.

We have the following procedure for interacting with our clients:

  • W-9 FORM


Write to Start Dispatch

We are providing over the road logistics only

Write to Start Dispatch

We are providing over the road logistics only